Assess Foot Dimensions

During this phase of the gait analysis and evaluation, we will conduct a detailed foot assessment that focuses on:

Your activity, exercise and movement patterns
Injury & medical history
Your basic posture
Foot size, arch & instep dimensions
Foot flexibility and strength

Digital Pressure Mapping/Basic Gait

Using a sophisticated force plate, how you stand and how you walk is compared to normal to determine tendencies. Foot problems and pain can be caused by how you stand or how you walk. Developing a treatment strategy depends on understanding how you weight shifts in both categories.

Sequenced Gait Analysis with Video Analysis

How you move in repetitive motion, such as walking and running is extremely valuable in determining perfect footwear and in-shoe support. Using a sophisticated light sensor system, your foot strike and mechanics are compared left to right. In just two minutes, enough data is gathered to determine specific foot patterns and how they interact with possible solutions. Also, this process uses a motion capture camera to take frame-by-frame images of your feet and gait at the same to determine additional needs when compared with the phases of gait and computer modeling.


Upon completion of the evaluation, we will explain your results to you and present you with a written report. Sometimes, custom orthotics are built or ordered on the same day as requested by the patient/athlete. Many patients/athletes use drop-in medical grade insoles as a starter solution. Also, in most cases the recommendation includes types and sizes of perfect footwear, as well as concrete and overall exercise recommendations.

7-day/30-Day Follow Up

At seven days, we can tweak and finish orthotics to ensure they fit your foot and are securely snug in your footwear. At 30 days, your pain should have diminished, your injuries subsided and you should be able to perform daily activities, exercise and sports with less discomfort and greater performance.

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